Wise Decisions

Puenta la Reina to Lorca – 13.5kms

With the combination of my feet, my chest infection and utter exhaustion, I’d decided to do a much shorter day and only walk to Lorca.

I’d had a lovely man from Barcelona sitting next to me at dinner the night before, so I’d asked him to call ahead for me and managed to find a double room for BC and I.

After packing up the last of my things in the morning, I pulled my boots toward me and for a very brief moment, I looked at them and thought “I hate you.” Fortunately, the moment passed quickly and I was laced up and out the door.

We walked over the bridge that we hadn’t the previous day because apparently, you’re supposed to feel something as you do. I didn’t feel anything other than tired!

It was nice and flat as we left and I felt my pace moving quickly enough which was a great feeling. Then the path turned right and began another hill. This wasn’t supposed to be happening. I hadn’t even had breakfast!

I munched on some blackberries to give me some energy, but the humidity was sucking it away faster than I could put it in.

The mountain in the distance is where we were yesterday.

About half way up, I was reaching a point of saying that’s it, I’m done when up behind me comes Irish. She boosted me to the top before coming to the first town where we stopped at a bar for a croissant and cafe con leche. Worst one I have had, reminding me of coffee in Melbourne and why I don’t like coffee.

BC was at the second bar, so we scooped her up and walked the few kms to the next village. We had to make a temporary stop as poor BC has gotten a blister in a difficult place in between her toes.

I have become a veritable walking pharmacy. Last night I was able to share some of the drugs I had for my chest infection with a girl who was coming down with something and this morning I was able to give BC a blister cover.

I was completely drenched in sweat from the 90% humidity, so stumbled into a store and again guzzled a bottle of Aquarius in 30 secs flat. Now would be the time to give up sugar because there isn’t a single toxin left in my body.

This area is wine country, so after leaving Cirauqui, we picked grapes straight off the vine, bursting with sun-warmed juice.

Barely longer than the time it took to wipe the juice from our hands, we came upon another oasis. Underneath olive trees, a quiet reflective area had been set up.

I realised it was also the first 100kms done and it seemed the perfect place to leave a heart.

Sitting under the olive trees, writing a note to Bree, the words and the tears flowed freely. As I continued on my way, I felt a little lighter. I had even begun to think that maybe I could continue on to the next town.

Until about 2kms out of Lorco. The heat was beating down, you’re concentrating on where to place your foot on each descent and you’re just exhausted.

When I fell into Albergue de Lorca La Bodega del Camino, I must have looked a sight because when our host took us upstairs and asked us to take our boots off before showing us to our room, she picked my boots up to put on the shelf and then picked my bag up and carried it to the room for me. I was in love with that woman.

While waiting for the shower, I heard a familiar voice. Somehow, I managed to lift myself off the bed to peek around the corner and there was Irish! The heat had gotten to her and she had decided to break with us.

We enjoyed a fabulous meal of the most amazing olives I’d ever tasted, paella and a delicious Rose before getting ready for bed… at 7:30pm!

It was a lovely stay here, I’m not sure my feet have benefited from the shorter day, but it was definitely the best decision I’ve made so far.



4 thoughts on “Wise Decisions

  1. Love reading your daily news each night before I go to bed. Listen to your body gorgeous. No hurry just enjoy everyday. I have a infection in my left lung so Im in sympathy with you as I relax in the lovely sunny day cold winds in my warm house. Keep up the photos and your excellent descriptions of everything. Big hugs and lots of love. Pat xx

  2. Don’t you just hate that say “What goes up must come down” 🙄 you are doing fabulous, it’s early days so keep listening to what your body is telling you. It’s lovely when you find familiar people in the same Albergue. Hope you’re keeping a list of the Albergues you are staying in good & bad. Would be interested to hear when you get back.
    Keep going one foot in front of the other. 👣👣👣

    1. I hadn’t been, but wouldn’t likely forget in a hurry, but trying to now.
      It is 5am here and I am trying to pull myself awake enough to leave earlier to try and beat the heat a bit. xx

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