When Rest is Just as Important as Doing

With no plans for the day, no alarm was set, but it would appear my body clock thinks it is ok to wake up before 6am. I am not in agreeance with my body!

After packing so much in over the last week, I was feeling weary, so I struggled to find some motivation to head out in Kathmandu and “see things.” Plus, after the few days of endless quiet at Barahi Lodge, it was a little overwhelming to go to the opposite end of the spectrum in Kathmandu.

I found a compromise – a visit to the Garden of Dreams. I would pay the entry fee over and over again to sit in this beautiful oasis in amongst the chaos of Kathmandu.

It was lovely to simply sit in peace, with no feeling of needing to rush or that I should go see as much as I could before I leave Kathmandu.

I found myself leaving Danielle’s photo here looking over the serene pond with water lilly flowers blooming. As I did, I had a squirrel come close by, with no concern about me at all.

I stayed sitting quietly by Danielle. It was this peace that made my mind up about checking out of the hotel I was in and moving. I had been telling myself it was only two more nights, but I didn’t want those two nights to be ones to finish on a disappointed note.

I found a place relatively quickly and close by, booked in and walked back to my hotel to pack up. They still charged me for the full booking, but I was just happy to be out of there.

Once I was settled in my new hotel, I wandered back in to Thamel, but again, found I had no interest in sight seeing. I went to the Northfield Cafe and Jesse James bar, where I had been before as it would provide me the oasis out of the chaos only metres away. I ordered food and drinks and they let me while away hours without interruption.

As it got darker, I moved on to Black Olives Cafe for a drink and realised I had not heard about the heli tour to Mt Everest for tomorrow. I messaged the organiser and found out it had been cancelled again and were planning for Thursday, the day I leave Kathmandu!

I didn’t want to take the chance. A quick google search for tour companies near me found me one with great reviews and just a short walk. Many of the shops close in Thamel by 8pm and it was already after 7pm, so I made a quick dash to the tour company to see if they could help.

30mins later, I was booked on the last seat of a helicopter to Mt Everest for the following morning!

I also booked in a private chauffeur to take me to Bharaktapur and Nomabuddha Monastery on Thursday as I wanted something different to Kathmandu.

With the taxi collecting me at 5am(!), I needed to go to the ATM to pay for the permit and airport tax and ensure I had money for breakfast at the highest restaurant in the world before heading to bed.

I set out my clothes for the morning and packed my bag with the extras I would need to layer up with before hopping into bed.

I am brimming with so much excitement, I have no idea how I will sleep, but I know that this early morning wake up call will be the best ever.

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  1. That garden.. wow stunning!! Beautiful of images Karen !! Love the little squirrel how adorable x

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