Fulfilling a Dream

I am not what people would describe as “suburban.” I did not fit the mould of wife, mother, BBQs with friends on the weekend, camping holidays with the family, building on financial security for the future. I wasn’t always this way. There was a small period when I had Bree Continue Reading

My Happy Place

A couple of weeks ago, I was talking to a dear friend of mine, completely freaking out. I think my exact words to her were “I’m less prepared for Nepal than I was for the Camino, and I wasn’t prepared for the Camino!” What encouraging words did she provide me? Continue Reading

The Wait is Over

After a 50min delay at Melbourne airport, we were able to take off quickly with everyone on board and seated. Feeling the roar of the engines that push you back in your seat is a thrilling feeling, knowing that your journey has finally commenced. Despite media reports I’d read about Continue Reading

Being Brave

I cannot wait until the body clock adjusts to Nepal’s clock, because waking up before 6am is not great when you’re not a morning person. What was even more shocking was that I could see it was already bright outside. Doing a sunrise hike has just gone up a notch Continue Reading

The Road to Pokhara

The alarm was horrifyingly set for 5:45am and while I fell asleep quickly, it was a very disjointed sleep with dreams blurring with reality, including a man outside yelling, I’m hoping at the loud music which was still going at 2:30am. We were picked up at 6:30am to be taken Continue Reading