Camino Dreams

Las Herrerias to O’Cebreiro – 8.2kms (by horse!)

We woke up at 7:30am and opened the windows in anticipation… to find it once again pouring with rain. My heart sunk a little, wondering whether my dream of riding the horses wouldn’t be a reality.

All we could do was wait and see and breakfast seemed like the best idea for us. I think the host took a bit of a shine to Riley as she brought a cafe con leche for me, a hot chocolate for Riley along with a plate of cured meats. She pantomimed him needing the meat to be strong. Riley was in heaven.

After breakfast, we packed up our room and walked downstairs to hear the Alaskans squealing and jumping up and down. At that moment, I saw the horses being walked around the corner. I was getting my dream of going up to O’Cebreiro on horseback! I started cheering too and felt so happy I was close to tears.

Once Victor had the horses saddled, he turned his attention to us, bringing out helmets. I gave a little warning that I had a small head, before he put one onto my head. It was so big it went straight down to my nose! Riley fell over laughing. Victor returned with a child’s pink helmet. Riley laughed even harder. 🙄

So, I was on Bonnie who took the lead. Riley’s horse was behind me and regularly tried to nose in front, much to the annoyance of Bonnie.

It was such a beautiful trip up and all the more special for being on the horses.

About three quarters of the way up, it started to drizzle and then it started to really come down.

By the time we got to the top, my legs felt frozen stiff and Victor had to help me off the horse. We all fell into the bar, drenched, cold and deliriously happy.

Victor ordered us some soup while we took our jackets off to hang up and as I turned around, there was Jean! I ran over and hugged her, though she said she wasn’t so sure she wanted to return the hug given how wet I was.

She was far more interested in meeting Riley, so she went straight up to him and hugged him tightly. He looked at me like a crazy woman was hanging on to him.

The soup was the perfect thing to warm our bones before heading over to check in. Once I’d had a shower and dry clothes, it was an incredible town to wander around in.

Feeling hungry, we had a small meal before sharing a Pilgrim’s meal with Jean and Bill later in the evening. This would be the last time I see them before they arrive in Santiago the day after us.

We went back to the furnace that was our room while we tried to dry our clothes and shoes before heading off the next day, Riley’s official first day of walking.

With our bags sorted, it was time for an early night. We shall see how it goes…

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  1. WOW we have an equestrian in the making. ?? Another thing I didnt know about you Karen. Looks terrific fun dont mind the weather just keep enjoying. Love love my daily read. big hugs x Pat

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