Being Put Back Together

Urdaniz to Pamplona – 18kms

After my wonderful pep talks from everyone, I got up in the morning with only a couple of hours sleep, pulled on my big girl pants and headed off with determination.

This lasted all of 2kms. My legs felt more and more like cement and I recognised I was taking half the step I normally did.

BC had gone ahead and more and more people were passing me, but none of that bothered me. It was actually nice having the time on my own and not worrying about bringing someone else down.

The heaviness in my legs though was really troubling. Pamplona was only 18kms, but at half steps, this would take hours.

Add to this the continual walking on loose rocks and it was all painful. The paths were full of them. Who would have thought Spain was so rocky? At one point though, I was looking at the rocks on the ground and realised, they’d been put there deliberately. For our benefit! Are they nuts?

I was climbing up a hill and I started talking to Bree, telling her I was in trouble and I could do with something, anything to get me through.

At that moment, I entered a gap in the trees and stopped to look back at the view and as clear as day, I had a voice in my left ear that said “You’re on the Camino Mum.”

I started howling.

Once I finally pulled myself together, the heaviness left my legs and I started moving, like really moving. And just like that, I was inserted back into the beauty of the Camino.

And always at the right moment, the oasis appears. This time a lovely cafe by the river where I enjoyed a second breakfast before Tom from Missouri arrived.

With my slow pace, Tom and I walked to Pamplona together.

Falling into a bar and getting a cold drink, we were lucky to find an apartment to share as once again, everything was booked. Before discovering this was still a 45min walk away!

Despite my poor start, a fabulous shower and I felt okay enough to go visit the cathedral and do a small bit of wandering around Pamplona and picked up some drugs for my throat.

On the road again tomorrow. It’s good to be back.



11 thoughts on “Being Put Back Together

  1. Go Karen!
    Like the first word of a novel, the hardest part is already behind you!
    Go gently! Allow yourself to breathe and to just………be……… as you walk.
    Be with your thoughts and imagine how proud Bree is of you.
    Lots of love to you. Go well!
    Bruce and Catrina xxx

  2. Love this site today is my first visit and what joy to be greeted by your gorgeous smile. You certainly are facing challenges but with your attitude determination and love of life it will be the best trip you have ever done. I nearly cried when I read this but looked at you and laughed thinking of your description of Basket ball etc. So not true. Tom looks like great company like a Dad Im so happy that he is walking with you. Knowing all the support back here in OZ keep up the good work. Modern technology is amazing as are you keeping us updated. Hope your throat and legs are improving hourly. love and hugs as always Pat xx

  3. i read your posts and i laugh and i cry….!!! what to say…ok so you have lost things, gotten lost, had fights with doors, the head, the body, fears and the emotions (i think that covers it , lol ,oh and the environment) but “wow and wow”girl your’ve climbed a mountain, and are travelling over rocky terrain but mostly you are trekking your journey ….you are inspiring and i have great faith the peace is coming!!! (well maybe a bit intermixed with physical pain !!!) The photos are amazing , keep looking behind to remind yourself how far your’ve travelled and come , see the beauty and take it in, remember where you are and connect with Bree and finally ignore those “bloody” kilometer to walk signs, unless its says you’re arrived!! thinking of you …. big hugs xxxx

    1. Hello lovely!
      Yes, it is definitely a journey of everything thrown in. Waiting for the moment where I am not so bone dead tired and can enjoy staying up past 8pm!
      Hope you’re well and hopefully will be able to chat soon.

    1. I know. Even when I am struggling and wanting to cry, I can’t help be looking at the views and feel such happiness. xx

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